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Ipswich office: 01473 212535

Project Management

Project Management aims to deliver a facility that optimises the factors of cost, value, time, and quality.

We achieve these goals by providing an innovative customer-focused service, bringing the appropriate skills and maximum commitment to each of our projects.

With our experience of working on many diverse projects including JCT and NEC forms of contract, we are able to translate our client’s aims into a comprehensive project brief, a realistic budget, and an optimum team structure in order to ensure the success of the project. A client will be supported throughout the project with pertinent analysis and data, in order that key decisions can be made from a position of knowledge. If needed, we are more than willing to undertake the employer’s agent or contract administrator’s roles.

In particular, we can offer advice on:

  • Suitable form of contract
  • Procurement strategies e.g. OJEU, negotiation or competitive tendering etc
  • Pre-construction and project programs
  • Appointment and briefing of consultants
  • Preparing total project budgets

We aim to foster the skills of the individual people involved in a project including the client, other consultants, contractors and the supply chain to bring about a concerted team effort enhancing the synergy and commitment of the team.

CCAS, along with Castons Consulting Limited, is delighted to join the Artelia Group, the independent project and engineering consultancy working across the built environment, energy, mobility, industry and water sectors.

To connect and find out more about this exciting evolution for CCAS, please contact Peter Dring or Matthew Norman.


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