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Principal Designer

The principal Designer duties are outlined in the CDM Regulations 2015, requiring the Principal Designer to have a central role for planning, managing and monitoring the Health and Safety in the pre construction phase of the project. Clients must appoint the Principal Designer as soon as is practicable, usually in writing. If the client fails to appoint a Principal Designer, the client must fulfil the duties of the Principal Designer. If the client is a domestic client, the rules relating to the failure to appoint a Principal Designer are different.

Duties include:

  • Assisting the clients with their duties 
  • Attending design workshops to review significant project design hazards
  • Assisting with Construction design risk management 
  • Compiling and Pre construction Information
  • Liaise with the Principal Contractor during the construction phase
  • Construction Phase CDM monitoring inspections
  • Ensuring the Final Health and Safety file is in accordance with the CDM regulations and project 

Castons Construction advisory services has the organisational skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil the role of Principal Designer and can also offer Construction Design Management (CDM) Advisory Services to the Client to ensure full legal compliance throughout the lifecycle of the project.


CCAS, along with Castons Consulting Limited, is delighted to join the Artelia Group, the independent project and engineering consultancy working across the built environment, energy, mobility, industry and water sectors.

To connect and find out more about this exciting evolution for CCAS, please contact Peter Dring or Matthew Norman.


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