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First Aid Courses

Our first aid instructors are experts who have had years of experience, by relating these real life situations as part of our training we can enhance the learning experience and make our courses much more relevant and interesting.

We feel the knowledge and experience of our first aid instructors is invaluable in helping people gain the confidence and skills to save lives and deal with emergency situations.

To provide the highest standards of training on our courses, we ensure that all our trainers use the latest teaching methods that have been designed to assist the learning process and make our first aid courses both enjoyable and informative.

Our regular scheduled ‘open’ courses give employers the flexibility of training just one or two members of staff at the same time, reducing the impact that the training can have on their business. Alternatively a cost effective option for those training larger groups (usually 6 or more people) is to run an ‘on site’ course at your premises. If you don’t have a training room, we can often help by providing a cost effective venue.