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Complaints Procedure

CCAS Ltd Complaints Handling Procedure

It is a CCAS policy to provide all clients with a quality service. Any complaints received by CCAS will be dealt with in the following manner:

A letter will be sent to any client or member of the public, upon request, enclosing a copy of this Complaints Handling Procedure requesting them to comply with the procedure described herein. A copy of this letter will be sent to Mr Barry Wolstenholme (Director), who is appointed by CCAS to handle all complaints.

All written complaints received will be forwarded to Mr Barry Wolstenholme at the following address:

Mr Barry Wolstenholme


77-79 Grimwade Street




Tel: 01473 212535

Note: If the complaint concerns Mr Barry Wolstenholme himself, then Mr Barry Wolstenholme role in this procedure will be taken by a Caston Partner.

When a complaint is initially made orally, and cannot be satisfactorily resolved at the time, the complainant will be requested to send a written summary of their complaint to Mr Barry Wolstenholme.

Once a written complaint has been received, Mr Barry Wolstenholme will contact the complainant in writing within 10 days to inform them of his understanding of the circumstances leading to the complaint. The complainant will be invited to make any comments that they may have in relation to this.

Within 28 days of receipt of the written complaint, Mr Barry Wolstenholme will write to the complainant in order to inform them of the outcome of his investigation into the complaint and to let them know what actions have been or will be taken by CCAS.

If the complainant is dissatisfied with any aspect of the handling of their complaint, they will be advised to contact a Caston Senior Partner at the address above, who will personally conduct a separate review of the complaint and contact the complainant within 14 days to inform them of the conclusion of this review.

If the complainant remains dissatisfied with any aspect of the handling of their complaint, then CCAS will attempt to resolve this promptly through negotiations.



CITB Complaints Handling Procedure

 Assessment centre complaints procedure.

 If you have a complaint regarding the assessment centre, or your assessment result, you should bring this to the attention of either the assessor or centre management.

Every ACS approved assessment centre has a documented complaints procedure. If you do not agree with the outcome of your complaint, we have a complaints and appeals procedure for you to follow as outlined below.

Complaints against assessment centres and assessment results must be detailed in writing, enclosing copies of all correspondence. Complaints against our day-to-day activities and our authorised staff must be detailed in writing.

Certification appeals

 You have the right of written appeal regarding the non-awarding or withdrawal of your certificate.

Any complaint or appeal should be sent within 10 working days, giving full details of the nature of the complaint or appeal to:

Certification Manager (ACS)

Cskills Awards, CITB

Bircham Newton

King’s Lynn

Norfolk, PE31 6RH










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